We empower you through Python™ and related technologies.

The Python™ programming language and open source software provide tremendous opportunities that often require an expert to fully realize. We provide the service and expertise to empower individuals and organizations to benefit from robust, versatile open source software.

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Alex brought deep experience and unmatched professionalism to his engagement with National Geographic. His work facilitating communication and promoting best practices across a geographically dispersed development team was crucial to the success of our project.

Patrick Wellever, Digital Producer, National Geographic

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Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source. Learn more.


Plone is a ready-to-run content management system that is built on Python. Plone is easy, flexible, and gives you a system for web content that is ideal for projects, communities, websites and intranets. Learn more.


Pyramid makes it easy to write web applications. You can start small with this "hello world" minimal request/response web app. This may take you far, especially while learning. As your application grows, Pyramid offers many features that make writing complex software take less effort. Learn more.


Zope is a community project concerned with a free and open-source, object-oriented web application server written in the Python programming language. Zope has been recognized as a Python killer app, an application that helped put Python in the spotlight. Learn more.

Open source

Image processing with Pillow.

Alex Clark created Pillow (a fork of the popular Python Imaging Library created by Fredrik Lundh). As a result, you can benefit from professional Python Imaging Library support.

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1 >>> from PIL import Image
2 >>> im = Image.open("hopper.ppm")
4 >>> from __future__ import print_function
5 >>> print(im.format, im.size, im.mode)
6 PPM (512, 512) RGB
Our Company

A timeline of significant events.

In 2004, Alex Clark was inspired by the Plone CMS project to make his first contributions to open source. For the next few years, he contributed to several Plone add-ons including Products.PloneHelpCenter, Products.PloneSoftwareCenter, and Products.PloneOrg.

In 2004, Alex Clark began doing business as ACLARK.NET; a Maryland, USA registered trade name. His first client was a company with a Plone website in London, England.

In 2007, Amy Clark created ACLARK.NET, LLC; a Maryland, USA limited liability corporation. Our client list began to grow.

In early 2008, Amy Clark created ZPUGDC, Inc; a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in Maryland, USA. With this organization we hosted Plone Conference 2008.

In late 2008, we made one of our most significant contributions to the community by organizing and hosting Plone Conference 2008 in DC.

In 2009, In 2009, Alex Clark completed his first Plone Improvement Proposal: Add ability to choose group when adding new site members.

In 2010, Alex Clark created Pillow (a fork of the popular Python Imaging Library created by Fredrik Lundh). As of early 2017, Pillow has been downloaded over 15 million times, can be found in many major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora Core, and is used by Fortune-100-serving companies like Atlassian. Please contact us for professional Pillow support.

In 2011, In 2011, Alex Clark completed his second Plone Improvement Proposal: Add 'test mail server' form to Mail Settings.

In 2014, we reached a milestone 10 years in business.